Test your trademark: How good is it legally ?

How good is your trademark legally speaking? An infographic blast from the 50s that still gives great insights!

The New York patent lawyer Frederick Breitenfeld designed in 1950 a graphic to help understand what it takes to have a « good » trademark from legal perspective.

Even though this infographic has been designed in the 50s and Trademark law has evolved, Frederick Breitenfeld’s chart still gives pretty good advice on how to choose a legally « good » trademark.

For instance, it is still recommended to choose an arbitrary mark despite the fact that the costs to make it known are greater. Once you make it known, it will be easier to defend.

[hr type= »single » margin_top= »10″ margin_bottom= »10″]This chart comes straight from David Airey’s website and his post http://www.davidairey.com/test-your-trademark. It was originally found on the independent Reanimation Library in Brooklyn, housing “a collection of books that have fallen out of routine circulation and been acquired for their visual content.”

Via ActuLogo.fr et le Petit Musée des Marques.

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Miroslav KURDOV

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